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About Satrap Jam Bitumen Refinery

Satrap Jam Bitumen refinery Company founded in 2015, manufacturing various types of bitumen and Bituminous Waterproofing and Heavy Oils. The company sets its slogan “Knowledge, Quality, Premiere Production” and from the beginning of its work has made use of cutting-edge technologies in accordance with national and international standards.

The quality control unit of Satrap Jam bitumen Refining Company performs accurate production line controls under the supervision of its experienced experts and continually tests the quality of the products in its well-equipped laboratory.

The presence of dedicated specialists, accompanied with the focusing on the state of the art knowledge and high quality, has attracted domestic and foreign customers over the past three years and with improving the current trend in the next five years, it is expected that the company will be among the top producers and exporters in the Middle East.


The Transit fleet of Satrap Jam Bitumen Refinery with owning more than 50 trucks and the Zenith faith ship is able to ship and deliver the company products including lubricants, bitumen and etc. in form of bulk and drum to inside and outside of Iran.

Satrap Jam Partners

باشگاه بسکتبال شیمیدر
زنیت پترولیوم
شرکت حمل و نقل و ترابری شیمیدر

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